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OOPSLA 2008 - Day 3

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After a few drinks at the hotel bar, we head to bed to get ready for Day 3 of OOPSLA. Keynote: Pyrimids and Software or something... I showed up late for this, but from what I gathered, it was a comparison to the Pyrmids and software. It was really facinating and I enjoyed Mark Lehner's talk about finding the lost city and everything .. but something this heavy at 8:30 in the morning is well .. yeah, neat. Introducing New Ideas Into Your Organization Linda Rising ( for those of you living in a cave) gave a great tutorial on how people can get new idea into their organization. Everyone has had to deal with this at one time or another no matter where they have worked. People don't like change. They don't wanna change if they don't have to, even if all the reasons are good and they agree with the new idea, in the end, if they don't want to change, they won't. As my wife always says. "I want you to WANT to take out the garbage." Quick side note, I was speaking with Ricardo Lopez on the day previous to Linda's tutorial and his advice was to make sure you have enough in your savings for when you get fired. Now as funny as it sounds, his reason, which was being fearless and with standing pressures to make concessions was directly inline with the ideas and patterns Linda provided in her tutorial. Back to the tutorial. I arrived early (mistake), so the other early arriver's and myself ended up being actors in a play. The play of how to introduce new ideas into your organization. The play included Innovators, Early Adopters, Connectors, etc.. and how/when you can use these different types of people in the organization to our benefit and pitfalls to avoid so they don't become enemies. The Cliff notes version, get the easy ones on board first (innovators like new cool stuff), put a small step of the new idea in place with this group. Now take it to the early adopters (how depends on your corporate culture), get them involved and maybe add another step. Continue to promote this style growth until you have enough good results from this new thing to ask some of the good ol' boys who might have middle managements ear, continue on this path with Brown Bags and cookie offerings. At this point the movement itself is viral and you'll need to start tending to the delicate process of getting the upper management stamp of approval. Anyway, the tutorial was a pattern language for introducing new ideas based of her latest book and I must say, I really enjoyed the tutorial and acting out my part. Though the pattern language should be adjusted and tailored to fit your corporate culture, I think it is an excellent start for anyone having problems getting no ideas in to their company, be it agile development or more water fountains. The tutorial finished with a set of group sessions tasked with solving a member of each groups problem. You can find more information about these patterns and her on Linda's website mentioned at the start of this post. Afterwards After the keynote and tutorial, my wife and I ate at the hotel restaurant and called it a night. This conference is fun and loaded with great information and conversation, but leaves my brain so tired at the end of the day it is hard to to much else but eat some food and go to sleep.
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