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Concatenating PDF with Python

On March 05, 2009 In python, code Permalink

I need to concatenate a set of PDFs, I will take you through my standard issue Python development approach when doing something I've never done before in Python.

My first instinct was to google for pyPDF. Success! So, fore go reading any doc and just give the old easy_install a try.

$ sudo easy_install pypdf

Another success! Ok, a couple help() calls later and I am ready to go. The end result is surprisingly small and seems to run fast enough even for PDFs with 50+ pages.

from pyPdf import PdfFileWriter, PdfFileReader

def append_pdf(input,output):
    [output.addPage(input.getPage(page_num)) for page_num in range(input.numPages)]

output = PdfFileWriter()

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