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What I Look For In A Job

On January 20, 2010 In personal Permalink
So I'm currently looking for new work and I've defined my list of items that are high priority to me. I figured I'd list them here and then break each down in to a little detail. Mainly because I'm up late at a stopping point in some code and haven't updated my blog in forever.
  • Refreshing
  • Excitement
  • Vision
  • Caring
Refreshing What do I mean by refreshing? I mean a company that isn't doing what everyone else. Something that isn't YAIC (Yet Another Internet Company). For me, this can really mean two things though. It could also mean a company that produces software for an industry I've never worked in before, but ideally it is a company doing something new, innovative, and refreshing. At the end of the day, writing software for them makes you go "Ahhhhhhhhhh". Excitement I want everyone in the company I am working for to be jacked about working there. I want people to be excited about the products. Even if they are boring everyday products. If everyone there is excited about them and cares about them it promotes a much better work environment and in my experience a higher quality product. Vision Here's where we are. Here's where we are going. Here is how WE are gonna do it. This seems as one of those things that is so easily over looked once you're out of lets keep this startup from dying working 100 hours a week mode, but even for established companies this is so important. Without a vision your company will eventually end up stuck in the mud. Caring This is more in the human respect. We are sometimes at work more than we are at home. This is especially the case with small companies and start-ups (and even some big ones). Companies that care, have employees that care. Treating employees like cattle will only result in employees treating the company like a feed station. Every place I've worked that did mandatory start / end times or mandatory OT always had issues getting coverage and had huge turn over rates compared to flex time locations with resources for employees to relax, take breaks, and feel cared about.
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