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Pyramid Task Queue with pyres and redis

On July 14, 2013 In python Permalink

This is a story about Pyramid, pyres, some Python 3.3 porting, and just how easy it is to get a task queue working with Pyramid and redis.

The story starts with John Anderson convincing me to work on In the process of developing the Sites portion of the project we decided we wanted to implement a task queue for capturing, storing, and generating the thumbnails of the sites that are submitted to notalienss.

After looking over a few choices, John had some previous experience with pyres at SurveyMonkey so we pushed forward with that.

During the process of implementing the task queue we discovered that pyres wasn't Python 3.3 compatible. As the flagship community site for the Pyramid project, we felt maintaining Python 3.3 support was important.

So we had a choice, switch to an already Pyhton 3.3 compatible task queue system or take on porting pyres to Python 3.3. We talked about some other options like using celery or retools, but we decided we liked the API and the simplicity of pyres so much that we could take on the porting effort.

Fortunately for us the pyres project had some great tests. This made the process of porting pretty simple. You can actually see the diff for the pull request we submitted to pyres.

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