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Mac OS X custom Python build and rlwrap

On April 20, 2010 In python, tools Permalink
I had built my Python interpreter from source because I wanted a 64bit compile to use with boost-python based generic algorithm. So for the last couple months I have not had readline support, which means no arrow support in the console. Also means neat shortcut's like _ would work for assigning the last result of an expression. I finally got annoyed enough today to fix it. After a ton of failed attempts and trying to rebuild it with readline support. I found a post in the Ruby world where someone has having similar issues. Their solution was rlwrap. Having homebrew installed, I figured I'd give that a try. wwitzel:~ brew install rlwrap wwitzel:~ alias python='rlwrap python' And presto, everything functioned as it should. I added the alias to my .bash_profile and made this blog post for when I forget about this in the future. Hope this helps someone else who might be wrestling with the same issue.
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Sucker for the green. Python GUI Green-Bar?

On January 06, 2009 In python, test driven, tools Permalink
I get made fun of on a daily basis for this but I am addicted to GUI Green-Bar testing. When I say that I literally mean a simple little Green/Red progress bar that shows me my pass/fail tests. I am addicted to it. I need it. Eclipse C++ and CUTE had spoiled me and now I desire the same thing for Python. Don't get me wrong, I don't practice "metrics driven development", but for me personally, it is a motivator, an easy and clearly defined goal in my test driven approach, make that bar go full green. I've spent the last few hours on Google and misc blogs looking for GUI Green bar testing for modern Python and have been unsuccessful in finding anything. So I ask anyone who happens to read this blog if you know of any plugins for any IDEs or text editors that support this for Python. In the mean time I started my first Eclipse plugin project ever in hopes I can hack my through enough Java and pull enough from PyDev extension that I can make a simple green bar for Eclipse that parses nosetests output or something.
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Setting up Eclipse for python development

On July 07, 2008 In tools Permalink
The amount of package sites and updating I had to do to get Eclipse 3.4 setup the way I wanted wasn't too bad, I just hope I don't have to do that again any time soon. So in an effort to potentially ease any future installation and configuration of Eclipse I have composed the list of Eclipse Update URLs right here.
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